freeMIRROR Quick-Start guide

Step 1


Add ANY one of the supported captureBOT's to your groups.

Step 2

Decide what option will work best for your groups or selection of options..

Option 1

freeMIRROR Option 1

If users in Group A post something it is forwarded to Group B, same for if user post in B it goes to A.

Option 2

freeMIRROR Option 2

If anyone in group A (call it Admin group) post something to the group the message is forwarded to Groups B,C etc. The messages in Groups B and C are forwarded between each other BUT NOT to Group A.

Option 3

freeMIRROR Option 3

If anyone in group A (call it Admin group) post something to the group the message is forwarded to Groups B,C etc.

Option 4

freeMIRROR Option 4

If anyone in group B and group C post something it is forwarded to group A.

Step 3

Ones the captureBOT is added to your group send a message on the group for the captureBOT to pick up the new group, it can be any message.

Step 4

Contact us through our web form and state what groups you want added and what option - group of options - we need to setup for you.

Sometimes sensitive information is posted on our groups

We can setup a keyword for your group, if users then post messages containing sensitive information the BOT will NOT scan and add that message as a lookout if it contains the keyword.


This is a free service offered and does not offer any guarantee on message delivery, we do however address known issues ASAP.
Time delays experienced between message posted and forwarded to your groups is due to other group messages that were send before your message (we work on a FIFO basis) and are in the que to be send – Relax give it a couple of seconds keep messages as short as possible no-one is reading 2000 character essays in any case.

How it works

Messages are forwarded by the mirrorBOT to your group.
Messages forwarded between groups will be stripped of the original posters cellphone number and his platform user name will be used to identify him.

If you come across anything along the way that we haven’t covered, or if you know of a tip you think others would find handy, please let us know and we’ll see about including it in this guide.