Idiot guide to serviceBOT usage

The serviceBOT is a name given to the program that users of the supported IM platforms can use to enquire and use the NP Tracker database.
To communicate to the serviceBOT is as easy as sending the number plate to enquire to these "users"
These BOT's uses a CLI interface to enquire the NP Tracker lookout database and that is why it requires and expect correct formated commands.

Searching for a report on a vehicle number plate

You can check a plate by sending the plate to check to a serviceBOT
Sending ABC123GP will search the database and return all reports that contains your enquiry.


All telegram commands should be prefixed with a '/' ie /addplate


The addplate command is used to add an numberplate to the lookout database. Other users will when they enquire this number plate recieve the lookout you added as reason.

Format - Telegram


Format - Wechat

addplate --numberplate "ABC123GP" --reason "White Chev Captiva 2.4 2015 model stolen outside Superpark, Centurion 15min ago if seen contact 083 555 5555 or 10111."

Trouble adding a numberplate through the addplate command?

An alternative method to add a numberplate to the lookout database is by sending a message containing the plate to one of the captureBOT's.


The ping command is used to check communication to the program. It will reply with a message "pong".


The stats command will return statistics on the networks monitored and the number of lookouts reports regarding number plates.

Number Plate Tracker aims to empower individuals by sharing information, that in the right hands, may be invaluable to the elimination and prevention of criminal acts.


The version command will return the serviceBOT's program version.


The wildplate command is used if you only got a partial numberplate, replace the unknown letters/numbers with an ?.

Format - Telegram

/testplate ABC???GP

Format - Wechat

wildplate --numberplate "ABC???GP"

Looking up partial registrations

You can still check a plate if you only got a partial plate by sending the registration numbers subsituting the unknowns with an ?
Sending /testplate ABC???GP to a serviceBOT will do a wildplate search and return all reports matching your enquiry.

If you come across anything along the way that we haven’t covered, or if you know of a tip you think others would find handy, please let us know and we’ll see about including it in this guide.