Also see our wiki page for more info.

What is the Number Plate Tracker project you may ask?

When you say the lookups is securely shared, but then anyone can join and do a lookup is that not a contradiction?

We share sensitive information on our group but still want to contribute lookouts to the NP Tracker project what can we do?

If anyone can contribute lookouts to this system how can I trust the content OR Is the content provided in the lookout report verified?

The lookout report does not state who reported the vehicle as suspicious why?

Do you work with organisation X?

We put peoples life at risk by supplying this service why?

Why do we not charge money for using this service?

Will you partner up with organisation/company X?

My number plate was listed in error by someone what can I do?

Why don’t we list the SAPS CAS number on the reports given?

Why use the NP Tracker system?

Were is our offices located?

How can I assist in this project?

Can someone please help me as i would like to know more how the cloud and things work?

Do we provide owner details related to a vehicle?

What do we have to say about statements like "The NP Tracker data is wrong and cannot be trusted"

What are our legal and licence/usage terms"

Do you have a question not answered here?