Monitored platforms

"A magician never reveals his secrets" and for that reason we do not publish a list of the sources we use to compile the NP Tracker lookout database.
With the exception of IM platforms like (wechat and telegram) we will give you a link to the content provider on a successful number plate enquiry.
All content we gather was put in the public domain and that is the reason we can categorise and compile a lookout database that is used across South Africa.


NPS-SHARE is an open invitation to fellow developers and system administrators. Let's share and contribute together to share crime-related intel quicker and to the point, contact us to set-up an API endpoint you can use to contribute -incidents- in return we will:

  1. Share the lookouts we got regarding the plates detected in your incidents (JSON output).
  2. Publish with your incident a backlink to your site on all our lookout reports related to the plate(s).
The aim is to share intel and getting the right info to the right people on the right time - ultimately causing a wider network of active crime-busting-buddies.

Do you monitor source X?

If you come across a lookout report and do not get that report on NP Tracker drop us a line and we will point one of our BOT's to scan that source.


We have Facebook BOT's/Apps running and checking (publicly available) Facebook pages/groups ect. through the Graph API. We normally scan all posts to these groups/pages every 20-30 minutes scanning for plates to add to the lookout database. Messages received on this platform gets tagged with the posters and group posted to.


We have Twitter BOT's following Twitter accounts through the REST API. Messages get scanned and if they contain a number plate we add it to the NP Tracker Database.


Yes we do scan them. If you notice one we skipped drop us a line and we will include it to our list.


Our official account are only used as a serviceBOT. If there are any crime fighting groups on wechat let us know and we will create and include a wechat BOT in the freeMIRROR project aswell.

Information that can ultimately save a life is just that - priceless. We believe in sharing information freely to the public (we have measures in place to root out criminals using our system) that was placed in the public domain have/can and will safe lives. Last thought "If you noticed something strange and suspicious and did nothing, and it turned out later that the information -how small- you had could have saved a life how will you feel? And that dear friends is why we created the NP Tracker project.


We have Telegram BOT's that follow groups add @FreemirrorBOT to your groups and it will start monitoring and adding stolen and suspect vehicles mentioned on your groups.


We have Whatsapp BOT's following whatsapp groups add 064 871 5228 to your group and it will scan for messages containing plates. Messages get scanned and if they contain a number plate we add it to the NP Tracker Database.

If you come across anything along the way that we haven’t covered, or if you know of a tip you think others would find handy, please let us know and we’ll see about including it in this guide.